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03 Dec 2019



When referring to their employees, so many business leaders use the phrase ‘My assets go up and down in the lift every day’, that it’s almost become a platitude.

But how about extending that thought?

Their ideas go up and down in that lift too. Or they certainly should. And having effective ideas is arguably the most valuable asset for any organisation.

To quote David Ogilvy ‘Good ideas can come from anywhere’ – or anyone.

A book entitled ‘The Very Idea’ just published and written by our good friend, David Wethey, highlights this.  Most importantly, he also shows how to stimulate idea generation, and harness the power of those ideas for both individual and organisational success.

Most successful ideas come from the powerful connections we make between new thoughts, inspirations, knowledge and experience. So David provides priceless tips on using your ‘Idea Brain’ to come up with valuable ideas that can be developed with colleagues and in teams.

The real icing on the cake though goes back to the assets point. This is his introduction to the world of ‘Idea Economics’ – an ecosystem of mathematics and creativity which quantifies the value of both the inputs and financial outcomes of ideas.

And it’s people working together that can generate those assets.

So let’s go even higher up the ladder on this one – to the latest winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, no less. Paul Romer to be precise. He says: ‘Every generation has underestimated the potential for finding new ideas . . . Possibilities do not add up. They multiply.’

And that could even happen in your lift!

Here’s a link to David Wethey’s book – ‘The Very Idea’: