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15 Jun 2019


The more we work with major companies in Africa, the more we realise that the people inside them often need help of a different kind. That’s why we have decided to open a Coaching and Wellness Practice as part of The Brand Inside’s offering.

As leaders, we need help to reduce the impact of stress on decision making

Stress causes the logical part of your brain to shut down, leading to confused thinking, mood swings and short term memory loss. Stress impacts decision making and interrupts the leaders’ narrative with employees. Stress is also contagious, especially when demonstrated in an open workplace by a leader.

“Already inclined to play it safe, anxious executives are careful not to upset the apple cart when things are going well. This is a potential threat to shareholder interests, as it may cause the firm to miss out on opportunities.” Harvard Business Review

Companies also benefit from employees with a greater sense of wellbeing

In sub-Saharan Africa Gallup estimates that 30% of employees are actively disengaged. Unhappy people who are unproductive at work and liable to spread negativity to co-workers.Employees under high levels of stress cost 40% more than the average worker, and stress may also contribute to increased instances of unethical behaviour like lying to customers or taking shortcuts on work tasks.

“An analysis of FTSE 100 Companies who used the words ‘mental health’ and ‘wellbeing’ in their annual reports last year delivered three times more profit than those that didn’t.” World Health Organisation.

For more details on this new offering, please contact yolande.coombes@thebrandinside.com or visit her website https://therapykenya.com/